There is a lot of proof-of-stake pools and shared masternode hosting services, but only one with as many features as Stakecube have.

About Stakecube

Stakecube was launched exactly one year ago. It is a shared masternode hosting service and a proof-of-stake coins pool with a highly dedicated team.


  • Free coins with faucets, airdrops and lottery
  • Shared Masternodes
  • PoS Pool
  • Built-in exchange
  • Daily interest for BTC, DOGE and LTC
  • Various bonus using their coin SCC
  • No withdraw fees

Daily Compound Interest

Recently they added a new feature that allow you to earn daily compound interest for BTC, DOGE or LTC stored on the pool. You can currently earn 0.015% per day (up to 0.025% if you run SCC masternodes) and this value will soon be increased.

How To Join Stakecube?

To register on Stakecube, follow our link :